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Welcome Jurors!

Thanks for serving on our 2023 Broadcast Dialogue Canadian Radio Awards Jury.

Your participation as a juror, drawing from your rich experience and your diverse perspective in the industry, is instrumental in upholding the high standards of “The Howards.” Thank you for your time, your insights, and your unwavering commitment to Canadian Radio.

You’ll notice attachments for most entries, in most cases both audio and a written submission (incl. some with links to video or social media). We have attached what was submitted with each entry, so judge accordingly.

Please log one vote per category. Once your vote is locked in, you won’t be able to change it. However, you can opt to “save and resume” if you’d like to break the judging up into multiple sessions. The platform will forward a unique link to your email address that you can use to pick up where you left off.

For review, find specific category criteria here.

About The BDCRA Team

The Canadian Radio Awards – A Momentum Event – recognizes overall excellence in radio both in front of the mic and behind-the-scenes. The most compelling and creative performances and initiatives are recognized, and judged by a jury of past and present industry professionals.

About Momentum
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Momentum is a creator, developer, marketer, and licensor of brands, content, software, and tools for the broadcast industry, throughout Canada, the United States, and worldwide. We are nimble, tech-savvy, and collaborative with a focus on delivering measurable outcomes and increased sales for our clients. Across every client interaction, we seek to increase effectiveness and improve results, and forge rewarding long-term client relationships in the process.

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President / Founder

Michael Olstrom

Chief Operating Officer

Connie Thiessen

Editor / Podcast Host

Jeff Lush

Director, Digital Media

James Wallace

VP, Operations